Sexual Liberation

Posted this on my poetry blog, Gamut earlier… Thought maybe it would be a good way back into this blog. I started this about 3 years ago but never quite got it off the ground… But due to a few new people following this blog recently, am thinking that perhaps i should pick up the thread again.

I am, to all intents and purposes a monogamous woman. Have dabbled with polyamory, mainly in the form of ethical casual sex but am intrigued by the idea of polyamory as a way of life, if not by the reality… Watch this space 🙂



This is an entry into a creative writing challenge i submitted… I wrote it last night at about 1am just before i fell asleep, raw, unedited, completely hormone (just started bleeding) fuelled… The script was to write about what sexual liberation means to me… It ain’t poetry but its written from the heart and is very much at the basis of much of my poetry… So…

Sexual liberation, to me is part and parcel of the basic freedom and beauty and power we ALL have deep within us. It’s only a part of it but is evidently, for women especially, quite a controversial part. Women’s identities have been shaped, molded, forced, oppressed and beaten into and out of us since time began it seems sometimes. I’d go so far as to say that we seem to exist (under the ever watchful eyes of patriarchy) as the hopeful reflection of man’s…

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