Reintroductions and feeling my way…

When i started this blog a few years ago, i was in many ways perhaps struggling to find a potential solution (subconsciously) to a relationship that wasn’t working but that I was reluctant to let go of. The grip was released on both sides and all has ended as well as it could have done to be fair.

I have been single for the main part for this last year and dabbling with ‘ethical casual sex’. That situation is currently in a potential state of change but I don’t want this to be a blog about my personal life so this is as much as I will say; i feel for me, there is a distinction between my outlook on my ‘sex life’ when i have my heart engaged or sights focused on someone and when I don’t. I.E. I don’t think i have the energy, time/space, right personality, desire to be in a proper polyamorous relationship. Monogamy is seemingly where i am at in regards being in a relationship.

But there is evidently more than one way to peel a banana in this realm and as high rates of infidelity within relationships, divorce, broken families, single parent families seems to suggest, perhaps monogamy as it stands is either not the best foot forward for as many people who think it is or people are just going about it the wrong way and with unrealistic expectations…

I conducted a series of interviews with a group of friends around their thoughts and feelings on love, sex, fidelity, infidelity, monogamy and not. The results were very interesting but i think i need to re start that interview process… As well as taking a look at what the results i do have could mean/shed light on. Anyone reading this who has experience of or strong feelings about polyamory, one way or the other, please contact me…



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